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Terms of service


TAXIFELS APP is an application specially developed for smartphones with IOS and Android systems, which requires the existence of a data connection on the mobile device, which will be contracted, configured and managed by the taxi driver in a way that is totally unrelated to the download and use of this application, and running the expenses generated by this line on behalf of the taxi driver. Once the registration process has been completed, the taxi driver will be able to execute TAXIFELS APP and will be able to charge some amount to the members of Taxifels in which they will be able to charge the derivatives of the maintenance of the App itself as well as those of publicity and those that could be generated by the geo-positioning of the clients and in general any others that TAXIFELS APP must necessarily support for its correct and adequate operation.

Thanks to TAXIFELS APP DRIVER, the taxi driver will be able to receive requests for taxi service in his radius of action, the pick-up address will be shown and he will be able to accept or reject the incoming request.

Once accepted, TAXIFELS APP DRIVER will show you the end user’s contact information and position, as well as the necessary tools to notify you that you are at the collection point.

The TAXIFELS APP DRIVER application allows the taxi driver to inform the system of his status, free, busy or stopped. In the event that the taxi driver positions himself at the stop, he will have priority in the radius of action compared to other taxi drivers available on the move. All taxi drivers who position themselves at the same stop will receive the existing services in the same order in which they have positioned themselves at the stop, prioritizing those who have been at the stop the longest.



TAXIFELS APP was born with the aim of promoting the use of public transport by auto-taxi, maintaining and promoting the following values ​​and criteria:

  • The quality of the service reflected in the use of vehicles in a perfect state of cleanliness and conservation as well as fully in accordance with current legislation on transport.
  • The use of duly accredited professional drivers to carry out public passenger transport.
  • The correct and friendly humane treatment of taxi drivers towards users of the service, as well as security and transparency, regarding the price to be paid for the service provided to those users.
  • The active participation of users by being able to assess both the service itself and the professionalism of the drivers and the general condition of the vehicles that provide them with the service.
  • The knowledge, by the users, of the taxi vehicle and driver that will pick them up, to transfer them to their destination and the estimated time in which that pick-up will take place.
  • The transformation, in a short period of time, of TAXIFELS APP into a comparable and recognized quality brand, as a means of providing a UNIQUE and DIFFERENTIABLE public transport service from all others.



The commercialization and intermediation of taxi services is carried out through the company Taxifels S.L., hereinafter Taxifels, which acts exclusively as an intermediary between the TAXIFELS APP user and the TAXIFELS APP driver, being all the responsibility of the execution of the service. of transport once the service and the reservation of the taxi driver assigned to the project have been accepted.


Relationship of the parties:

The taxi driver registered in TAXIFELS APP will be able to obtain the services that are derived from the application according to different award criteria such as, position closest to the user, order at the taxi stop, etc. For its part, Taxifels will make the TAXIFELS APP user and TAXIFELS APP companies available to users and companies so that they can make taxi service requests. Both Taxifels S.L. acts exclusively as a mediator between the end user and the taxi driver who accepts the service, not obtaining any responsibility for the service once accepted by the taxi driver. Taxifels as they have no obligation regarding the number of services per driver, since these are established based on the demand for taxi services and the location and status of the driver at the time the service is required.


Registration in the application:

The use of TAXIFELS APP Driver, entails the mandatory need to accept the conditions of use, legal notice and privacy policy.

The use of TAXIFELS APP DRIVER entails the need to complete the taxi driver registration process, in which the following information will be provided in a mandatory manner:

Data referring to the taxi driver: name, surnames, passport photo, DNI, account IBAN for direct debiting of expenses or payment of charges that may be made.

License data: license number, license location and high-quality license photo.

Data referring to the vehicle: Vehicle registration, Vehicle brand, Vehicle model, number of seats and photograph of the vehicle where the registration is correctly displayed.

Data referring to the services offered: the taxi driver may indicate what services he offers, such as card payment, number of seats, adapted vehicle, transport of animals, parcels, etc.

The application will send an SMS to the phone indicated by the taxi driver with an activation code that will serve to validate that the phone started is correct. The validation SMS may have a cost associated with the rate contracted with the taxi driver’s telephone operator.


Validation process

Once registered, the taxi driver will not be able to receive services until it is verified that the documentation provided is true and correct. The TAXIFELS APP team will contact the taxi driver through the app to inform him if there is any problem with the data provided. Once validated, the taxi driver will receive a notification of acceptance of their registration and will be able to receive services through the TAXIFELS APP DRIVER application.

The taxi driver authorizes Taxifels to keep the data of the taxi drivers who have not completed the registration process, are not authorized or not activated for a maximum period of 12 months, after said 12 months all the data of said taxi drivers will be deleted or if the taxi drivers manifest through the email support@taxifels.es the deletion of said data.

The taxi driver authorizes Taxifels to contact, either by telephone or email provided, when they have not completed the registration process or have not been validated to facilitate the registration process or resolve any questions in said process.

The taxi driver agrees and expressly consents to the management entity of TAXIFELS APP sending him, through the means that it decides at all times, information related to Taxifels and the management derived from it.


Obligations and responsibilities of the taxi driver

Price of the services: The taxi driver will be obliged to charge the client the amount that has been provided, if this is a closed price, when requesting the service through TAXIFELS APP, provided that the final destination is not modified by the client during the transfer. provision of the service and on the route there are no unnecessary detours or stops not communicated prior to the start of the service, in which case the taxi driver may receive the amount corresponding to the difference in route or time. When the services are carried out with a taximeter, the amount to be charged will be the lowest between that provided to the user by TAXIFELS APP and the one that reflects the taximeter at the end of the requested service.

The taxi driver must have the permits and legal requirements established for this purpose, to carry out his work performance as a taxi driver throughout the contractual relationship between TAXIFELS APP and the taxi driver.

The taxi driver will be obliged to provide truthful and quality data in the registration process. Otherwise, you will not be allowed to use the TAXIFELS APP DRIVER application. Specifically, you must provide a photo of the DNI, a photo of the taxi driver’s license and a photo of the vehicle where the vehicle’s license plate is correctly displayed.

The taxi driver must provide TAXIFELS APP, as much documentation as may be required, related to the ownership of their Municipal license and vehicle or that related to their autonomous workers or collaborators, if any, to verify strict compliance with the regulations that are of application for the exercise of the activity. The refusal or non-provision of the aforementioned documentation may lead to the cancellation of the TAXIFELS APP application.

The taxi driver is obliged to advertise the TAXIFELS APP application in his auto taxi vehicle in the terms in which it is communicated by TAXIFELS APP and with the materials that are delivered to him, provided that this does not contradict current legal provisions. The refusal, not legally motivated, will be grounds for denial or definitive suspension of the service.

In the case of drivers, the driver will be obliged to provide a bank account in the name of the owner of the license and if it is not the owner’s, a written authorization from the owner of the license authorizing the transfer of the services performed and paid through the app to the provided account.

The taxi driver will be obliged to comply with strict standards of personal hygiene, always using appropriate clothing for the public service he provides. Likewise, the vehicle must be kept clean, especially inside and the taxi driver must always maintain a polite, friendly and cordial treatment with the end user. Repeated communication, to the TAXIFELS APP team, of complaints or poor evaluations of a taxi driver may lead to the cancellation of the TAXIFELS APP DRIVER application.

The taxi driver will be obliged not to transmit their access data and to safeguard them. Thus avoiding the use of the TAXIFELS APP DRIVER by a natural person other than the taxi driver registered in the system or by another vehicle not associated with the TAXIFELS APP DRIVER account. The detection of the use of access credentials by people or vehicles other than those registered in the taxi driver user account will cause the immediate removal of the TAXIFELS APP DRIVER application and may lead to civil or criminal actions by Taxifels S.L.

The taxi driver is obliged to provide the data of any other person, whether self-employed or salaried collaborator who goes to Taxifels with his Taxi vehicle, which must be registered and registered with his own identification, being, in any case and for all purposes , responsible for the proper use of the APP, before TAXIFELS APP, the owner or holder of the taxi license.

The taxi driver agrees that his geoposition is communicated to the user and the data provided is transmitted, in order to favor the identification and collection of passengers.

The taxi driver is obliged to use the application, throughout his working day, doing so in a responsible and well-intentioned manner, specifically informing, whenever appropriate or mandatory, truthfully of his situation of available, busy or stopped.

The taxi driver is obliged to make the collection to the end user once the service has been accepted, either immediately or booked from the TAXIFELS APP DRIVER, in case of suffering an incident at the time of travel, towards the collection of the end user, the taxi driver is obliged to contact the user through the telephone number provided by the TAXIFELS APP.

The taxi driver will assume any claim made by a client regarding the transport service, once it has been accepted, whether it is immediate service or reservation.

The taxi driver is obliged to unsubscribe at the time he loses ownership of the license or was not authorized, for another reason, to exercise his profession unless it continues to be exercised with personnel, at his expense, legally contracted and that meets all the requirements of the regulations on transport and Social Security.

The taxi driver will be obliged to comply with the regulations to which his license is subject in relation to the provision of taxi services, whether these are carried out with the application or not. Any information from a client or taxi driver that reveals a breach of the regulations, after verification, may lead to the cancellation of the use of the TAXIFELS APP application.

The taxi driver will be obliged not to use the customer’s contact information under any circumstances, except to confirm his service or arrival time or obtain better data for his location, as well as to inform the customer of a lost object. Any subsequent contact with the client, outside the service, by any means will be cause for immediate termination of the APP and may lead to the initiation of civil or criminal actions against him.

The taxi driver will assume any claim made by a TAXIFELS APP User regarding the transport service, whether it is an immediate service or a reservation, and will hold Taxifels S.L., its subsidiaries and their respective employees and directors, harmless for any damages, losses , costs and expenses related to or derived from, directly or indirectly, any claim derived from the provision of the transport service or the non-provision of an accepted transport service.


Unsubscribe from TAXIFELS APP

The taxi driver may request to unsubscribe at any time by contacting support@taxifels.es Only unsubscribes made to this email can be attended to, where they must inform their complete DNI, location and license data. Drops will always be made on the last day of the calendar month in which the taxi driver requests the drop.

The taxi driver will lose all special benefits, due to his membership in Taxifels, when he loses his membership status, having the same conditions as non-affiliated taxi drivers, being counted as a new registration with all the rights and obligations that correspond to him for it. .

The taxi driver may be discharged as a result of non-compliance with the conditions established in TAXIFELS APP.

The taxi driver authorizes TAXIFELS APP to keep his data in order to contact him in the event of any incident that occurs in a service performed in the TAXIFELS APP application. The data will be kept for a period of 24 months from the month of January of the year following the cancellation.

After this period, TAXIFELS APP will erase all the personal data of the taxi driver who has made his withdrawal effective.


Reactivation Request

In order to reactivate his account, the taxi driver must send an email to support@taxifels.es to request its reactivation, the reactivation cannot be carried out from the mobile application.



Incidents may be sent to TAXIFELS APP via email to support@taxifel.es or from the Error Report option in the TAXIFELS APP application itself.


reservation system

The reservations will be published in the driver application from the moment they are made by the users, the taxi drivers will be able to accept the reservations from the application and acquire the commitment to perform the service. Only in the event of a justified unforeseen event can taxi drivers cancel the reservation. Reservations must be confirmed 2 hours before the time of service. TAXIFELS APP reserves the right to request from the taxi driver the motivation that has caused the possible cancellation or non-confirmation of a reservation and to penalize the taxi driver either with the cancellation of the account in the application or with days of disconnection.

The reservation cancellation system is only enabled for justified cases.


Breach of obligations:

Due to serious breaches of the obligations derived from the laws and/or the applicable General Conditions of Contract and the contractual clauses, the taxi driver may be temporarily or permanently suspended from use.

The decision on the temporary or definitive suspension in the use of TAXIFELS APP will be adopted by the Government Commission designated for this purpose.

The suspension will also be carried out if the taxi driver is in default with the payment, established by TAXIFELS APP, revokes the direct debit or, after accepting a taxi service or after a prior reservation, does not perform the service for which it was required.

The rejection of a number of awarded services equal to or greater than 20% of those carried out, individually, by the taxi driver or his self-employed or salaried workers, in a period of one month may lead to cancellation of the TAXIFELS APP.


Evaluation system:

The taxi driver gives his consent so that the passengers transported by him evaluate the service provided (driver and vehicle).

The taxi driver gives his consent for said non-anonymized evaluations to be published in the TAXIFELS APP application, while the taxi driver participates in the TAXIFELS APP service.


Final provisions

TAXIFELS APP reserves the right to modify these Conditions of Use, as well as the admission of taxi drivers in the use of the APP.

The Conditions of Use can be consulted in the app

In accordance with Law 9/2014 on the provision of information society services, Spanish law applies to this contract.

Spanish law is applicable to the contractual relationship between TAXIFELS APP and the user in accordance with Law 34/2002 on information society services.